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[Bamboo] Cargo > Containers - Glassfish 4.x > #710 has FAILED (5 times).

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Failed CargoContainers - Glassfish 4.x#710 has failed 5 times

Scheduled with changes by alitokmen

3/24 tests failed.

This plan has been failing since #706 (Scheduled, 4 days before).


No one is responsible for this build.

Failing Jobs

Job Duration Tests
Failed Default Job (Default Stage) 27 minutes 3 of 24 failed Logs | Artifacts

Code Changes

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Fix CARGO-1313: Add support for JBoss virtual-host statements


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3 New Test Failures

Test Job
ExtraClasspathOnStandaloneConfigurationTest testLoadClass (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job
WarAuthenticationTest testExecutionWithAuthenticatedWar (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job
WarCapabilityContainerTest testDeployWarStatically (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job

4 Fixed Tests

Test Job
AllLocalContainerTest testStartWithNoDeployable (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job
EarCapabilityContainerTest testStartWithOneEmptyEarDeployed (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job
JmsResourceOnStandaloneConfigurationTest testUserConfiguresJmsQueueAsResource (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job
WarMultiContextTest testDeployWarDefinedWithMultipleContextPath (glassfish4x,installed) Default Job